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The mysterious and elusive

Wunderpus, Wunderpus photogenicus

The Wunderpus photogenicus, a name as enchanting as the creature itself, is a fascinating octopus species that leaves divers spellbound with its unique charm. Let’s dive into the world of this elusive marvel and uncover its secrets, from identification to behavior, and some fun facts that will make your underwater adventures even more thrilling.

Lembeh Critter Wunderpus.jpg


An encounter with the Wunderpus is always a delightful experience.  However, it is sometimes challenging to differentiate this with the Mimic Octopus.  

The Wunderpus is a slender, reddish-brown body adorned with striking white spots and bands. When threatened or hunting, the Wunderpus can alter its coloration and patterns to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, making it both a master of guise and a stunning sight for those fortunate enough to spot it.

Lembeh Critter Wunderpus_2.jpg

Fun Facts

Photogenic by Name! The Wunderpus photogenicus gets its species name from its photogenic appearance. Its striking coloration and patterns make it a favorite subject for underwater photographers.

Mimicry Master! One of the most fascinating behaviors of the Wunderpus is its ability to mimic other marine animals, a tactic that helps it deter predators.

Newly Named!  The Wunderpus was only officially described in 2006, making it a relatively recent addition to marine biology. Now this is exciting to divers and photographers!

Individual Patterns!  The patterns are unique to each individual, much like human fingerprints, which helps researchers and divers identify and differentiate between individuals.  Certainly adds to the mystique and allure of encountering one in the wild.

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