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Black Water Dives

Black Water Dive Juvenile Seahorse.jpg

Juvenile seahorse seen at a black water dive.

Blackwater dives have in recent years gain prominence, thanks to the many photographs posted in many medium.  It really is a night dive with a twist - not diving with a torch near a reef, but one done with a light source that simulates the moon.  The diver then takes time to focus on finding creatures in the waster column, attracted by the light.

Surreal Black Water Experience

Black Water Dive Fish Larvae.jpg

Black water dives in Lembeh offer an extraordinary and mesmerizing experience, plunging divers into the inky depths of the open ocean at night. This unique form of diving reveals a hidden world of larval-stage fish, alien-like plankton, crustaceans, creating a captivating and otherworldly underwater adventure.

Black Water Dive: unidentified fish larvae

Guided Black Water Dives

Black Water Dive Juvenile Squid.jpg

To enhance our guests' black water diving experience, K2 Lembeh Dive Resort offers guided black water dives led by our knowledgeable dive masters.  We use specialized lighting equipment to attract and illuminate the creatures, making it easier for divers to observe and photograph them.

Black Water Dive: unique lighting to show the translucent nature of a juvenile squid body

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