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Meet The All-Star Casts of the Critters of Lembeh!

The allure of Lembeh lies in its mysterious and vibrant underwater landscape, where each dive reveals rare and exotic critters that are a photographer's dream and a diver's delight. The rich biodiversity and the thrill of discovering hidden marine treasures make Lembeh an irresistible destination for those seeking an unforgettable adventure beneath the waves.

The key attribute of Lembeh lies in the incredible number of weird and interesting critters in close proximity.  In this video we show case a number of great critters, like the Mimic Octopus, and within the limits of the non-high speed camera, show how fast a frogfish hunts, albeit as part of its exercise routine!

K2 Lembeh Youtube

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Here are the some top critters at Lembeh

Famed Lembeh Critters: quick list and more detailed write-ups

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Nudibranch Sea Slugs

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Other Amazing Critters

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