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Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Embracing Social Responsibility and Sustainability at K2 Lembeh Dive Resort

At K2 Lembeh Dive Resort, we believe that success is defined not only by our guests’ experiences while diving and at our resort, but deeply intertwined with the well-being of the community in which we operate. And where desired, we hope to provide a holistic experience for our guests’ that goes beyond diving, but give an opportunity to see the local way of life, and to touch the lives of our students in the local community.

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Our Vision: Sustainable Diving Resort

As part of our conservation efforts, we:

  • Provide drinking water through the use water dispenser in all our villas, dining hall, and boat to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles at our resort;

  • Will provide to our guest, if desired, plastic net bags to collect trash while diving to do our small part in keeping our ocean clean; and

  • Are working with the local schools to initiate sustainability education, more information below on our interaction with the local schools.

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Our Vision: Socially Responsible Enterprise

We are dedicated to fostering a positive impact on the local community, ensuring that the benefits of our operations are shared with the people who call Lembeh home. Some initiatives that reflect our commitment to social responsibility include:

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How can you help?

At K2 Lembeh Dive Resort, we believe we can, together with our guests, be of positive influence and can give tangible assistance to the local community. 

Find out more about our initiatives to contribute to the local community by following this link.

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