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Cultural Village Tour

Lembeh Island is a fascinating place with 17 villages ("lurah" or "desa").  In this tour we aim to provide cultural and human aspects of living on this fascinating place to our guests.

Lembeh Culture Church.jpg

Beautiful Minahasa Church.  Lembeh Island population comprise about 50% Christians and 50% Muslims.

Coconut Plantation.jpg

Coconut Plantation.  Coconut and spices are the main economic produce of Lembeh, along with fishing.

During the tour, you will learn about:

  • religious harmony at Lembeh

  • local health care setup

  • economies of Lembeh - coconut, spices, fishing

  • life and school, moving around Lembeh and Bitung

Culture Kopra Coconut Processing
Lembeh Culture Subsistence Fishing.jpg

About half of the population of Lembeh are farmers.  This is a "kopra" processing plant, where smoke from burning of coconut husk is used to separate coconut flesh ("kopra") from the shell.

And the other half of population of Lembeh are fishermen.  Small scale fishing or off-shore tuna fishing are among the main fishing activities.

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