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The joy and challenges of

Photography in Lembeh!

Nestled in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, Lembeh Strait's unique marine biodiversity offers a treasure trove of photogenic subjects that attract divers from around the globe.  This is probably the greatest paradise for underwater photographers, particularly those passionate about macro photography.

We cater to diver-photographer's needs

K2 Lembeh Dive Resort is a resort built by photographers for photographers, and well-heeled divers, of course.  We have a fully-equipped dedicated camera room, and highly experienced dive guides who understand the needs of diver photographers and know intimately the dive sites and the critters, as well as their habits, ensuring guests maximize their photographic opportunities.

Dedicated Camera Room

Camera Room

We currently have one, soon to be two, well-equipped dedicated camera rooms. The room is equipped with ample workspace, complete with cushioned mats, multiple power outlets for charging batteries and electronic devices, and air guns for quick and efficient cleaning of camera housings.  The room is brightly lit, and provided with additional spot lights, ensuring optimal visibility for assembling and maintaining your equipment. Our camera room ensures that photographers have everything they need to prepare for capturing the stunning underwater world.

We cater to new photographers too!

Dive into the exciting world of underwater photography with our user-friendly rental TG-6 cameras, perfect for new photographers eager to capture the vibrant marine life, and for seasoned photographers who have left their cameras home. The Olympus TG-6 is renowned for its ease of use, featuring powerful macro capabilities that allow you to photograph the intricate details of critters of Lembeh. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with a brief tutorial, ensuring you feel confident and ready to explore. Whether it's your first time diving with a camera or you're looking to enhance your underwater adventures, the TG-6 offers a fantastic introduction to the captivating art of underwater photography.

Diver with Camera
Not so serious photographers.jpg

We look after the more casual photographers and non-photographers!

At K2 Lembeh Dive Resort, we take special care to ensure that both casual and non-photographers have a delightful and fulfilling experience, allowing photography enthusiasts to focus entirely on capturing their perfect shots.  Our attentive staff provide a different experience of discovery for them, thereby create an environment where photographers can immerse themselves in their craft, knowing their companions are well taken care of and having an equally enjoyable time.

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